You Design It. We Build It.

Add Me To Home Screen

Once all the design work is done, we’ll activate your EZ Biz Card™  and convert it to a hybrid between a website and a “native app”.  Users can get to it by URL or save it to their phone as an app, NOT a bookmark.

First-time visitors will be prompted to add YOU to their home screen.  Upon acceptance, YOUR EZ Biz Card™ will be INSTANTLY installed with…


Choose Theme & Background + Pick Button & Navigation Colors

Working with a dedicated member of our Design Team,  you can completely customize the look and feel of your EZ Biz Card™  including the button & navigation colors, the background image, and the arrangement of sections within your site/app.

The design possibilities are virtually endless!

Personalized Header

banner image at the top

headshot or logo

name & title

quote or tagline

Setup & Customize Your Buttons

You can choose anywhere from 3 to 10 buttons and link them to almost any site or functionality you want including websites, social media accounts, brochures & other documents for download, sign-up & opt-in forms, sales pages, galleries, listings- you name it!

Add Me To Contacts Button

We’ll create a Vcard (.vcf) file which visitors can use to instantly save all of your desired contact details into their phone’s contact list.

This works on ALL modern cell phones.

About Me Section

The “About Me” area contains 2 to 4 sentences forming a concise paragraph that lets people know what it is that you do, who you are. or how you can help them.

2 x Toggle/Accordion Boxes

Here is where you get to provide as much written content as you would like.

Most clients use one box for their “pitch” or company story and the other as a bulleted list of what they offer or the benefits of their product/service.

Featured Video w/ Animated Title

You provide a link to any viable hosted video (YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc.).

We set up an animated headline above it with any very brief message you want.

Featured Pics w/ Animated Headline

In addition to featuring another attention-getting animated headline, you provide the image(s) and choose from 3 different “Featured Pictures” options:

1)  a scrolling carousel w/ 3 to 10 pictures

2) a collage of 6 to 10 pictures

3) ONE picture spliced into 9 pieces “Instagram Style”


Testimonials and/or Reviews

We highlight the kind words of up to 5 of your raving fans!

OR, we can substitute one static picture or another picture carousel here.

Call To Action & Lead Capture

We ask the visitor to “Get In Touch” by phone, email, or text.

Plus, there is a built-in lead capture form they can fill out.  Submissions are emailed directly to you.  Use it on a tablet at trade shows as a registration form!

EZ Share Buttons

When it’s time for you or ANYONE to share your EZ Biz Card™ all you/they have to do is scroll down to this section and click on a button to post it on Facebook, email it, text it, send it via WhatsApp, or send it in Facebook messenger.

After clicking on one of these EZ Share Buttons, your Name, Title, Company Name, & the link to your EZ Biz Card™ will auto-populate into the chosen app.  All that’s left is to choose a contact and hit “send”.

It’s just that EZ!!!

Need More Facebook Fans?

We got you fam!

Nestled just above or below your “Share My Card” section we put a little Facebook “likes” button that your EZ Biz Card™ site visitors can click to like and follow you without having to leave your site/app to go to Facebook.

It also shows a running tally of your current follower count.

QR Code Included

Share your EZ Biz Card™ link while practicing safe social distancing by allowing friends and clients to scan your QR code right off your phone

OR, print it on advertisements to give consumers an EZ way to learn more about you!

Save Me To Your Phone...Again!

Just in case they closed the pop-up or this is not their first visit, we added these instructions on how to bookmark your webpage.

It’s not the same as the app but hey, if they made it to the bottom, then why not take another shot at getting some of that prime phone screen real estate?

EZ 2 Share, EZ 2 Use- EZ Biz Card™